Success Strategies to clear the General Awareness Section

The General awareness section is looked at as a hurdle by many aspirants due to is large range of questions. It tests the candidate’s knowledge of both national and international news.  The way you tackle this section can decide if you will be in or out. While the scope is fairly large the best part about this section is that these questions don’t take much time to solve. You either know the answer or you don’t and you can wrap it up in 10 minutes and move on to other sections.

Preparation Tips:

Start Now – In case you haven’t begun, allot time from today. It isn’t practical to memorize dates, abbreviations etc at the very last minute.
Go through previous papers – A lot of questions are normally picked up from previous papers or papers of similar exams.
Prepare Notes – Have a scribble pad on which your jot down any important event you came across while reading newspapers, magazine etc. Skim thru this book often. Remember you won’t recall something unless you closely read it.
Focus on the banking terminologies – The paper focuses majorly on the development of the banking events and banking terminologies. Have a strong knowledge base about the basic banking concepts, policies and advancements.
Read, Read & Read – There is a plethora of information available online. Do not get overwhelmed by it, Instead filter out and focus only on relevant information. In your spare time read through blogs & forums related to the banking/financial industry. Re your current affairs newspapers are your best bet. Remember though it would be pointless skimming through. Read with an intent to remember.