Five Skills to crack Bank Exams

Self Awareness – On the day of the paper you need to walk in with a game plan and don’t look back. Understand your areas on strength and development and figure out a strategy that capitalizes on your strengths. Allot time and effort accordingly. You can assess yourself and better understand where you stand by attempting Mock Exams regularly.

Decision Making – Without getting bogged down by what is front of you, you need to train yourself to make decisions quickly – Pick up questions you want to answers and which you want to skip. In sections like quant & reasoning solving a question involves an investment of a considerable amount of time so you need to choose wisely. Also in your preparation phase a plethora of information is available. You need to filter out what is relevant and focus on it.

Speed – On the day of the exam you will be presented with 200 odd questions. The test here isn’t about how well you solve them but about how quickly you identify which ones you want to target and how accurately you solve the identified one. You need to develop tips and tricks, elimination approaches that help you zero in on the answer.

Persistence – Practice pays! The pattern of the exam hasn’t changed much in the recent years so the more previous papers & mocks you attempt the better prepared you will be for the real thing. Remember there’s always room for improvement.

Confidence – It all boils down to those 2 hours when you have your paper in front of you. You need to stick to your game plan, believe in yourself, not get deterred and lose focus by what hasn’t gone your way.